Residential Developments

  • Social Housing
  • Multi-Unit Residential Housing
  • Apartment/Multi-Family Housing
  • Airspace Extension Schemes
  • Mixed-use Developments

Timber Frame for Residential Developments

Paramount Timber Frame is the leading manufacturer for off-site engineered timber frame products. Our products are manufactured using sustainably sourced timber delivered right off the ships to our factory, in Chatham Docks. Our designs and frames create homes for thousands across the country.

Timber frame is the best viable solution to maximise yield, along with reduced material and labour costs. As a result, it provides an attractive return on investment.

Benefits to Timber Frame Construction

  • Up to 60% shorter build time
  • Off-site manufacture reduces your labour and site costs
  • Safer site working environment
  • Precisely fabricated in a controlled environment
  • Non-toxic material that ‘locks-in’ Carbon Dioxide
  • Sustainably sourced timber from dedicated timber farms
  • Highly durable materials that stand the test of time
  • Versatile to suit a wide and varying design scope

It is no wonder 70% of homes built in the developed world are constructed with timber frame. We believe that the archaic Victorian block build approach has had its day with the push towards carbon neutral. We’re here to support developers in constructing quality homes that meet demand for a more sustainable World.