Timber Frames for Self-Builders

If you’ve chosen to construct your self-build in timber frame or at the point of weighing up your options, you’re in the right place. Timber frame is the right structural and ethical choice when deliberating between traditional masonry methods. It provides a more sustainable, controlled and quality-built home. Timber frame is the best viable solution to building a durable home that is non-toxic, leaves a lower carbon footprint and is quicker to construct. Delivering both environmental and financial benefits.

Whether a seasoned self-builder or embarking on your first project, we become an extension of your project team, adding technical expertise, advice or knowledge every step of the way. Having been involved personally in many self-build projects over the years, our team truly understand the complexity of projects. We alleviate the complexity of synchronising multiple trades.

Debunking Common Timber Frame Myths

  • It is a myth that you cannot insure or get a mortgage on a timber frame home.
  • Structural timber frames are designed to be just as fire resistant as any other building. It is a myth that timber frame is more prone to fires.
  • The story of the 3 Little Pigs has plagued the strength of timber framed buildings. In fact, the oldest buildings in the UK are constructed using structural timber frame.

If you are currently in the early stages of your self-build project, we invite you to pick up the phone and share your ideas with us. There is no obligation at this point. Simply put, we would like to see as many properties built with timber frame across the UK and take pride in arming you with the information or inspiration to do so.

We are proud of the personal relationships we build with our clients. We offer a service where our customers can enjoy the experience of bringing their project to life.